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Great surfing adventure! Must do!

Just finished my second trip to Bali with Sadia. Tried it on recommendation from a friend last year and it was so well orchestrated that I had to go back again. I compare it to a cruise. Show up and all the accommodations are available. No thinking or planning required. Sadia and team dial in the experience to your personal capability. Find the best beach, swell, tides and wind conditions to suit your needs. Home stay is perfect. Great neighborhood, rooms, and beach side location. Excellent food, service and company. Come get to know the family and make great friends both from Sadia and his other return clients from all over the world.

Loved getting to know his sister Nyoman and extended family. Very accommodating. Go all in with home/family stay, dining, etc. You won’t be disappointed.

I looked at some negative reviews. Disappointed to see them. It may be possible to stay somewhere else and get a surf lesson for less. But this is a guided adventure. That’s different than just renting a board and instructor. I always felt like I was the VIP for the adventure. And really can’t say enough about meeting other fantastic clients and locals along the way.
Going back again for sure. It’s not worth saving a couple bucks in lieu or figuring out all the details and logistics yourself. Plus you get the added value of learning history, culture, politics, local zen, or whatever else you may be interested in. What’s that worth? For free!

Sadia and team made sure I had a great experience (surfing and everything else around the island). I’ll recommend to everyone who goes to Bali. Surfer or not. Learned as well he is also an expert fishing guide. I will add that to my bucket list for next trip!

More details… excellent coaches. All the advice you need to maximize a session with wave count and energy. Advice if needed on Timing. Location. Channels. Safety. Sets. They give A little extra mental push to do more than you thought you could. And even when you run out of gas they will give you a shove to catch a couple more waves after your arms can’t paddle anymore. Very accommodating. Just do it! Don’t think twice.

Gilbert, Arizona


Great Surf Guide!

I booked 11 days with Sadia and his crew. They are awesome! They pushed me to be a better surfer and I had a great time with them. I hope I can build on this experience to improve my surfing. Sadia especially is exceptional and I will always remember the great chats and times we had. Big thumbs up!



Amazing Bali Trip!

Sadia and his crew are hilarious and great fun!Took us to some epic isolated spots. Also helped me catch one of the best waves of my life!Which he also managed to take a cool photo of. I was stoked!Great surfer to aspire to and super encouraging. Would have been lost in Bali without him.


For the ultimate Bali Surf/Home-stay Experience!

Where do I even start, this trip was the ultimate Bali surf experience for us. My mates and I booked a week of surfing and homestay with Sadia and his family and it was a hard one to leave after a week of good times and fond memories made. Surfing a different break everyday, experiencing the variety of waves Bali has to offer and your local knowledge in and out of the water gave us an experience we’ll never forget.

From the moment we were picked up at the airport your stoke for surfing and life in general caught on and we can’t thank you enough for making our stay in Bali so unique, already looking forward to come back next time with the family! If you’re looking for a quite place to stay, though still close enough to sightsee or you’re a beginner or even an experienced surfer I can’t recommend Bali Surf Tours enough.

Matt O

Surfing with Sadia was Amazing!

I try n visit Bali once or twice a year and hook up with Bali Surf Tours whenever I can to get some surfing in.This trip I was so lucky to spend time with the founder of the business “Sadia” and even surfed one day with Sadia n his young son Fajar. It was so good to be in the beautiful Bali waters n these guys are just so keen to ensure you get to surf and just have the best time. Sadia is an amazing guy.He knows how to surf any wave and knows where to go n when to go. I cannot recommend Sadia n Bali Surf tours highly enough.

He knows how to surf any wave and knows where to go n when to go. I cannot recommend Sadia n Bali Surf tours highly enough. They are super people, incredibly professional n totally committed to your safety n enjoyment.

I can’t wait to get back.

Mark M


Incredible Surf trip and local village experience!

Our week with Sadia and Bali Surf Tours was absolutely amazing. As an average (at best) surfer who’d never been to Bali before I wanted someone who could take me and my friends to some fun, uncrowded waves around Bali. We got that and SO much more!

We stayed with Sadia at his Home-stay which was a lovely spot in the village of Seseh Beach (just past Canggu). Nice clean rooms, cold air-con and our our private courtyard to hang out in. 3 minute walk to the beach and by the end of the week the villagers all knew us well.

Here’s how our days went:

Up at 6am for coffee and home made banana pancakes with Sadia. Either Sadia or his nephew Alit would take us and drive an hour or less to surf spot which was a variety of completely different but amazing 3-4’ perfect reef breaks with either no one or just a few other people out. First wave on the first day was the longest and best wave I’ve ever caught and it only got better from there! Either Sadia or Alit would surf with us, making sure we were in the right spot and were ‘paddling like a MAN!’ Hahaha… After a couple of hours they would paddle in, leaving us to surf more while they took photos and/or video.

When we were surfed out, we would drive back to the apartment via lunch at a local Warung ($6AU for lunch and a beer). Sadia’s wife would call a masseuse to come for an hour for $15AU, then we’d go exploring for the afternoon/evening. One day we visited Alit’s village Jatiluwih at the base of the mountain and checked out the UNESCO listed Rice Terraces, while another day we went sight seeing at the iconic Uluwatu. Repeat for 5 days. Absolutely insane. Sadia is a local legend and is very highly respected both in and out of the surf. He’s the ultimate guide!

I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to have a mellow time away from the Kuta craziness and wants to experience some real Bali-life while surfing some great waves.

Ben Venteress


One of the best there is in Bali!

One of the finest Balinese guys I know and consider now a very good friend, we arrived in 2 weeks ago to Bali, and whilst I have been to many Bali over 30 times, it was great this time whilst traveling with Family to have a top guy like this, to take me too the best spots on the days I wanted to surf. Oh and lest not forget the countless amount of Surfing photos to take home.

Im back in April and I will no doubt be hooking up with these guys yet again.



Right On!

Sadia and Alit have an in depth knowledge of the local breaks. They will make finding good waves much easier. They also help you into waves which is fantastic. Best guide in Bali.



Professional, skillful, and fun Real Balinese local knowledge…

Sadia was a very professional and knowledgeable guide. He had me up and riding in Bali in no time. We hired him for a surf trip in July 2017. My husband is a good surfer and had been to Bali many times but I have only been surfing for about 7 years and had never been to Bali. Because the waves in Bali can be big and heavy, I did not feel confident and wanted the local expertise to help and encourage me. Sadia and Alit were friendly and made sure I had a great time….and challenged me as well.

They gave me their undivided attention and ensured I was safe. They both spoke English and were able to communicate well. Also, Sadia knew many people in the line-up and was able to get me into waves with priority. You can tell that Sadia was born and raised in the water around Bali. If you are lucky he will make surf photos for you sometime depending on the surf sport we go regarding with his lens, This photos from boat trip out side reef took by his camera. Thanks sadia for the photos.

If you want to have a waterman who can share Balinese culture and take you surfing, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Bali Surf Tours.

Morgan R

Local guide Balinese is the way to go…

There is nothing better than benefiting form local experience. Especially when you are in a foreign country. It is the second time I have used Bali Surf Tours and have found them very good. I was taken to the best break for my level of surfing. Advice and direction was given on where to enter the break and where to sit to get the waves that would suit me. This is essential when you have never seen the break before.

We visited several places to surf and there was always a light hearted atmosphere during the day which makes for a good experience. I got to visit ketut’s house and given a Bali coffee. A great experience I really enjoyed. The country side around Canggu is beautiful. A real change from the Bukit peninsula. All the guides I met have been professional and knowledgeable. Always ready to help in or out of the surf. Thanks to all the guys.

Chris G

Surfing With Bali Surf Tours…

I surfed 10 days days in a row with Sadia…. Really cool guy, knowledgable and we surfed a different spot every day! He found spots that suited my level and style , and is a great guy to surf with too! On the last day I didn’t have much time as I was flying out, Sadia and Alit took me out and we surfed three different breaks on the reef, and scored each time! They encouraged me into the right take off spots and made sure my wave count was good! These guys are honest and reliable, and g with them takes all the stress of finding your way around and the best spot on the best day is made easy!

And he is fantastic! Always on time, super friendly and knowledgeable , if you book , ask about accommodation too, he has a lovely place with great conditions in the Canggu region, which is still part of the real traditional Bali. I will always book future trips with him, and can now call him a good friend too! Thanks Sadia! Love your work!!!

I’ll be back boys! Thanks for an amazing three days!

Andy Jackson, Auckland, New Zealand

Surfing with Sadia…

I have surfed with Sadia from Bali Surf Tours about 10 times now and he and his crew, Made and Alit are amongst the most friendly and happy people I have had the pleasure to met. They are punctual, respectful and always glad to see you. They brighten up your day with there enthusiasm and passion for surfing.

Sadia and crew will first establish your surfing ability, then establish what kind of waves you want to surf, then recommend a surf break to suit your needs. No matter what your surfing ability is, experienced or novice, they will find a suitable spot to get the best waves on that day. They pick you up from your hotel, transport you to the surf break, explain the dangers and how the waves are breaking that day, then paddle out with you in the water.

At no time do you feel unsafe or alone, they even talk to the other locals in the water and encourage them to move on.
On my last trip in February 2017 we surfed at Airport Left and Right, Canggu and Pandawa Beach. At the Airport we took a boat out to the reef which anchored in the channel and it was only a short paddle to the break. Sadia and Alit took photos of us surfing, creating great memories of our trip.

It is always a pleasure to meet the crew at Bali Surf Tours and I look for to our next trip to Bali where I will certainly be surfing with my friends at Bali Surf Tours.

Robert I

Ride waves with style!

My teenage daughter and I went for two surfing sessions with Sadia and Alit. The experience was great and we had a lot of fun riding decent waves. Sadia is able to select the right location to match the ability of the surfer. We have also taken very nice photos that captures the moment of us on the waves. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!

Chrisy Shay

Thank you for 8 days of fun and great waves!

This was my second trip with Bali surf tours and even better than the first. I surfed 8 days straight and every session had unique and fun waves. Again, Sadia and his team were professional, always on time, and took me to the best available waves which suited my ability and also challenged me. They not only helped me to get great waves but also to improve on my technique and knowledge. It was also great to learn about the local culture and customs as well as giving and getting respect on the waves. I will come again soon and for sure will hire Bali Surf tours for everyday of my stay.

Danny H

Most amazing time!

This was out first time surfing in Bali. Went on 3 surf tours and we had a blast every time! Sadia, made and Alit made our stay in Bali 100x better and surfing with them was easily some of the best times of my life. They made us feel welcome, comfortable and we had so much fun. Very sad to say good bye to you all! Thank you again for taking us under your wings and bringing us all so much joy! Can’t wait to come back. You guys are amazing and couldn’t recommend balisurftours.com enough! Made some amazing friends I know will I will have for life, thanks again guys.

Phoebe McDade

Great Day surf tours with Sadia and Bayu!

I just had a quick work trip to Bali and used Sadia to take me for a couple of early morning surfs. This was without doubt the best decision I could have possibly made. Sadia picked me up; brought a couple of boards for me to choose from; and took me somewhere with awesome fun waves. It was all so easy and uncomplicated.

In the water Sadia looked after me and made sure I was always in the right spot when sets came thorough. Sadia knew all the other local surfers in the water, so it felt just like going surfing with a group of friends.

I got some awesome waves but more importantly Sadia made each surf session an experience – he introduced me to his friends, taught me about Balinese culture, and told lots of interesting stories about his life in Bali. I will definitely use Sadia when I’m next in Bali.

Ian S

Best Teacher and Surf Guide!

If you want to have a great experience in Bali, do not hesitate to choose Bali Surf Tours and Mr Sadia. We came here for two weeks and almost every day went with Sadia on different spots. He picked us up and brought us back home. Boards and car are included in the price, which makes this service very good!

David T

Great Surfing Experience!

I spent two weeks with Sadia and Alit. We surfed just about every day and every day was a new and wonderful experience. From reefs, to beach breaks, to offshore reefs.

Sadia and Alit are great…as surf coaches, surf guides and more importantly as people. They will take you where the waves are right for you. They will push you if you want to be pushed to get better. They will respect you if you want to chill out on the waves that are comfortable for you. And they will teach you about Bali life. They have the respect of all the locals at all the breaks so you don’t need to worry about localism. This matters a lot when waves are limited and surfers are plentiful. They were fantastic with my daughter when she was with me – teaching her how to surf and teaching her about the ocean. Sadia and Alit, thanks for some fantastic surfing, all the great laughs, and lasting memories of surfing in Bali and you representing the wonderful people!

I can’t say enough to tell the world how great you guys are and how much fun I had.

Thanks so much and see you soon!

Patrick Southwick

You made my honeymoon!

My wife found these guys last-minute on our honeymoon and what a find. Wow. He had his nephew roll all the way out to Nusa Dua early to grab me. They were there early and ready with a nice longboard and very welcoming. He and his crew are super positive and pump you up in the water, pushing your abilities and helping you charge the bigger sets. I only had one day to surf but we were in the water for 4-5 hours. He knows all of the locals in the water so the vibe is good. He also snaps a few photos with a nice SLR camera. Been surfing for 20 years and it was the best surf day I’ve had in over a decade. Not just the waves, which were awesome, but the whole experience. Next time let’s hit the left! I know, I know...ladies first; I’ll be booking these guys when I come back.

Barneypilot, Tijuana, Mexico

Best people to learn surfing in Bali!

Sadia and Alit make a great team . These are the guys you want to hire if u want to learn to surf in Bali. I was with them for 5 days and each day they took me to a different beach…with different kind of swells and wind factors. I really enjoyed myself…see you guys soon...

Jayraj D

Book these guys you wont regret it!

It was my first trip to Bali and as an intermediate surfer I was nervous about my ability to catch waves there. So I decided to hire a surf guide. It turned out to be a great decision. Sadia and his boys took me to some great waves and showed me how to surf better and protected me from local crowds. Very Professional and honest outfit and fun with Sadia and his boys. Always on time and smiling they made my trip so enjoyable.

Thanks Sadia I will be back!

Danny H

You’ll be on fire!

I had a week in Bali after a work trip, while waiting for my family. I wanted to score some good waves but not worry about entry/exit/hassles/reefs/tides etc as I was alone & it was my first trip to Indo.

I wanted a guide more than a coach & I met my now good friends & bro’s Sadia & Alit through their website. I explained my situation saying I wanted to surf a lot & learn about Balinese culture, but stay away from tourist hotspots, and avoid partying all night in Kuta! No problem they said & no problem it was! The only time we didnt score waves was when I hurt my foot. Every other day was rising with the sun, thanking Alits mountain god for watching over us in the water, banana, rice & coffee breakfast then off to the waves!

Depending on swell & your ability there was always a good choice as big or as empty as you want. Photos included! After a full 3-4hr session & good feed of babi guling!, the rest of the day was spent exploring their local beach/area on foot & on moped, a craaazy experience! Then chilling with his family, trying the fruit off his trees while discussing life & kharma, or a sunset surf with his kids at his local beach (if u have energy) then off to a local restaurant or a moped ride to echo beach for a drink & if you want, meeting other travellers. I was lucky to have dinner made for me by Sadias wife a few evening’s. WoW! So good! !

These guys will do as much or as little for you as you want. I fell in love with Bali & its people. Such a hustle bustle place with people that have pure serenity at heart & a close relationship with the ocean. If I lived somewhere with waves like this & every surfer came to take them over, I don’t think I could be as accepting as these guys. Truly humbling. Everyone knows Sadia & you should too. The ocean is their life & they welcome you into it with open arms. I will return with my family next time….. when I can afford the airfare!

Go see these guys if your a surfer or not, a beginner or pro. Theres a warm feeling for everyone! If your surf fit, with Alit & Sadia calling you in!

Simon Minchin

Bali surf expedition accomplished!

So happy I went with Bali Surf Tours. I didnt have much time to plan, however felt very comfortable going with Sadias company. Its a locally grown company and I was hoping to get more out of this trip than just surfing, and I got just that. I wanted to see the real Bali and I got just that. I had the perfect accomdation outside of the mainstream tourist area, at a beach visited by mainly locals coming to enjoy sunsets and pray. Sadia is a big part of local surfing culture and knows all the breaks.

When there were waves we scored and when it was small I scored because I learned so much about local modern balinese life and culture. If you come with an open mind you will be rewarded. For the open minded solo surfer, this is money well spent. Im an intermediate surfer and they pushed me to excel. For those just learning, I cant think of more competent surfers that are truly there for you. I feel very fortunate to have met Sadia, Alit, his family and all the friends along the way.

Joshua Fisher, Hawaii

Amazing week with Bali Surf Tours!

I had a week’s worth of lessons with Bali Surf Tour between 30th June – 6th July 2015 and worked with Sadia, Alit and Made. 

I made my choice to use the team after receiving several strong recommendations from friends and family, who only had good things to say about them. After speaking with Sadia over the telephone before coming to Bali, I started with a 2 day trial, before extending by 5 more days.

I would strong recommend the team to other visitors to Bali, regardless of their surfing ability.

I am close to beginner in ability, although I’ve seen that the team are able to provide guiding services up to expert level – Sadia has competed in surf competitions across Bali and offers specialized guiding sessions for clients looking for the big stuff: I saw them take clients out to Serangan, Uluwatu, Balangan, Nusa Lembongan, etc, at 3,4,5x overhead and barreling… Similarly, I’ve seen that they can teach complete beginners effectively too. Boards and all other equipment are provided if you don’t have your own and all you need to bring is a towel, your board shorts/ swimming costume, and some sun cream.

I was picked up every morning at my hotel at a pre-arranged time and we went to whatever spots my teacher (predominantly Alit) thought was suitable for the day. There was no preference to go to the same spots as on previous days and we visited a variety of locations along the West coast – Airport Reef, Toro Toro, Berawa, Canggu, Green Ball, Padma, etc. We drove around beforehand, got out and reviewed how crowded it was, how big the waves were and what the tide was. If somewhere didn’t look good, we got back in the car and looked for something new – there was no rush to get the lesson over and done with, just a focus to find the most appropriate spot for me.

The modus operandi of the team is to go to places where you will be challenged and push yourself to improve, all within a framework of safety and where client feels comfortable.

Once or twice I said I didn’t feel comfortable because it was either too big or a bit crowded, and so we paddled into the channel to get away from the breaking waves and the crowds, and had a bit of a debrief. If I still didn’t feel great, we decided to move on elsewhere. This is a highly professional outfit and it was clear that the team want to develop lasting relationships with their clients and see them improve. 

As locals from Bali, they know all of the spots on the island back to front and it feels like they are completely in charge in any situation. The other locals in the water know them and respect them and are happy to share waves with you. I detected no agro in the water and had fun in all my sessions. If you are in Bali and want to improve your level of surfing, I honestly wouldn’t look further than Bali Surf Tour.

You may pay a bit of a premium compared to other operators, but the quality is clear:
- 1-1 client-guide ratio
- Focus on your ability and your learning curve
- Safety in the water
- Flexibility: either bring your own or borrow their equipment; pick up from your hotel; visit a number of spots (including otherwise “secret” beaches)
After having a number of harrowing experiences going out with my brothers in the past (both were sponsored surfers when they were younger) and less than perfect experiences at a number of well-known surf camps in Bali (3-4 across the Bukit, Canggu, and Legian, which I won’t name…), this week was really very refreshing. I’m looking forward to coming back to Bali and meeting up with the guys again. 
Please feel free to message me directly for any more details.

Mick Forrester


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