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Great surfing adventure! Must do!

Just finished my second trip to Bali with Sadia. Tried it on recommendation from a friend last year and it was so well orchestrated that I had to go back again. I compare it to a cruise. Show up and all the accommodations are available. No thinking or planning required. Sadia and team dial in the experience to your personal capability. Find the best beach, swell, tides and wind conditions to suit your needs. Home stay is perfect. Great neighborhood, rooms, and beach side location. Excellent food, service and company. Come get to know the family and make great friends both from Sadia and his other return clients from all over the world. Loved getting to know his sister Nyoman and extended family. Very accommodating. Go all in with home/family stay, dining, etc. You won’t be disappointed. I looked at some negative reviews. Disappointed to see them. It may be possible to stay somewhere else and get a surf lesson for less. But this is a guided adventure. That’s different than just renting a board and instructor. I always felt like I was the VIP for the adventure. And really can’t say enough about meeting other fantastic clients and locals along the way. Going back again for sure. It’s not worth saving a couple bucks in lieu or figuring out all the details and logistics yourself. Plus you get the added value of learning history, culture, politics, local zen, or whatever else you may be interested in. What’s that worth? For free. Sadia and team made sure I had a great experience (surfing and everything else around the island). I’ll recommend to everyone who goes to Bali. Surfer or not. Learned as well he is also an expert fishing guide. I will add that to my bucket list for next trip! More details... excellent coaches. All the advice you need to maximize a session with wave count and energy. Advice if needed on Timing. Location. Channels. Safety. Sets. They give A little extra mental push to do more than you thought you could. And even when you run out of gas they will give you a shove to catch a couple more waves after your arms can’t paddle anymore. Very accommodating. Just do it! Don’t think twice.


Great Surf Guide!

I booked 11 days with Sadia and his crew. They are awesome! They pushed me to be a better surfer and I had a great time with them. I hope I can build on this experience to improve my surfing. Sadia especially is exceptional and I will always remember the great chats and times we had. Big thumbs up!

Narelle Wu

Amazing Bali Trip!

Sadia and his crew are hilarious and great fun!Took us to some epic isolated spots. Also helped me catch one of the best waves of my life!Which he also managed to take a cool photo of. I was stoked!Great surfer to aspire to and super encouraging. Would have been lost in Bali without him.

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